Even Tirana is situated in a region that was populated since ancient times, it was founded in 1614 and became capital of Albania in 1920.
Tirana had just 12 000 citizens in 1910 and current city's population is estimated between 350 000 and 700 000.
The monument of Skanderbeg built in 1968 was placed on Skaderbeg square for the occasion of the 500-th anniversary of the death of Albanian national hero.
Up to 41,3% of Tirana population move to work on foot and another 38,7% use public transport system. There are five companies that provide public transport in Tirana.
The Petrela Castle is one of Albania’s best-preserved monuments. Some parts date back to 500 AD and it was used by Skanderbeg during his fight against Turks. It is just 15 km south east of Tirana.